Guest post: My Writing Day by Sam Carrington

This is the first of what I hope will be a series of posts, where I take a peek into the writing life of published authors. Today, I welcome the lovely Sam Carrington, who talks us through a typical writing day. Over to you, Sam.

I feel privileged to be able to write full time – it’s something I could only have imagined a few years ago.

But, I should really add in a disclaimer here. Full time writer? That implies I spend around eight hours a day, at least five days a week writing, doesn’t it?

Er … *coughs to clear throat*

The reality is, I do not actually spend all those hours, every day, writing.

When I left my full-time employment, I suddenly found I had all this time. And when you think you have all that time, something weird happens. So many other things need doing. Cleaning the house, walking the dog, watching box sets on Netflix, Twitter, Facebook … you get the picture.

The hours spent fingers-to-keyboard tend to be more like two hours a day, not eight! But the other things can be as important. I do trawl Twitter and Facebook a lot. That’s because it’s where I can connect to readers and other authors – it’s networking. Therefore, it’s work.

I might spend time outside walking the dogs, I might watch TV – but I’ll be thinking about my novel, my plot and characters. They are forever in my head waiting to become words on the screen. Again, that means it’s work.

I don’t stress anymore that I’m ‘wasting time’ if I’m not writing. All the other things that I used to think of as distractions, are the things that allow my creative process to do its thing.

For the last few days, though, I’ve altered my routine slightly. Whereas the first thing I’d do every morning at 7 a.m. would be to check Twitter and Facebook, respond to comments, messages, and check in with what’s been going on (which could take a few hours), instead, I’ve been opening my manuscript first. Once I’ve hit my word count goal – which is 1000 words, then I open social media. It’s worked pretty well so far.

Of course, where I write also impacts on my productivity. I don’t have ‘my space’ yet, hopefully that is coming later this year. Currently I am sitting at the dining room table with my laptop and notebooks to write book three.

Sam Carrington Where I Write

Sam Carrington’s writing place – what a wonderful view!

I love having the view of rolling fields and Dartmoor beyond, it’s peaceful and inspirational. Looking out of the window gives me thinking time. Despite this, I do need a designated area that’s just mine. The fact that I’m so visible and in the middle of the lounge/diner, means I am forever getting disturbed and side-tracked by the kids or husband. The noise of the TV is annoying – and these things definitely prevent me writing as much as I could.

Only time will tell if the new room (without my fab view ☹) does have a positive impact on how productive I am!

For now, I’m off to write a thousand words…

Good luck, Sam! Thank you so much for giving us a snapshot of your day! Sam’s book Saving Sophie is available here, and her second novel Bad Sister will be out 30 November 2017 and is available for pre-order here.


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